How to Obtain a water connection in India??

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Having analyzed the construction stages and construction cost estimate in our previous articles, we now focus our attention to finer details. What is the single most important item that you will need from authorities? Well, it is a functional water connection. You need water supply for construction work as well as for consumption when you move into the house.

Obtaining Municipality water connection at the very beginning of construction work helps in cutting down the expenses you may incur on supply of water from private players.

Whether you are looking to get water connection for your house or commercial space or for a group housing society (by builders), the procedure to apply for water connection remains same. Obtaining valid water connection in a sense also reconfirms that your property documents are in order. Home seekers looking to buy an apartment in a builder project shall also verify with the builder if he has obtained necessary approvals along with valid water connection.

Local bodies sanction water connection certificate after carrying out proper due-diligence.

Here is a detailed procedure of procuring a water connection in India:

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Which are the governing and regulatory bodies for Housing Finance sector in India?

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Continuing with our focus on housing finance sector in India, in this article, we will discuss the role and importance of regulatory bodies governing the housing finance sector in India. Given the pace at which housing finance sector has grown over the years, it becomes imperative that established and emerging housing finance players abide by the rules.

In order to ensure smooth functioning of the housing sector, these regulatory bodies lay down the general principles of lending to customers. While Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is responsible for monetary policy of the country, the National Housing Bank (NHB) oversees housing finance companies. NHB also supports and promotes housing finance institutions.

In addition to these 2 institutions, there are committees/institutions set-up by states and central governments which also have a say in regulation of the housing finance sector. Additionally, Banks and Housing finance companies are also regulated by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Find below the detailed list of regulators governing the housing finance sector in India:

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Looking to construct your own house on a given piece of land? Pay attention to stages of construction and the cost part of it.

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Planning to build your home on a piece of plot? What are the things that one needs to keep in mind before embarking on a year long journey of construction and dealing with multiple contractors, suppliers, etc? Surely, as an owner of the plot, you would have got multiple offers from architectural firms, contractors about the cost estimate. However, before even talking to these firms, one need to do his/her cost estimation.

Constructing one’s house is not easy because of the nature of the work. One needs to work/deal with professional firms such as architects, contractors and at the same time deal with labor. Therefore, you not only need to plan the stages of construction but also the costing part of it. Doing the cost analysis helps you in analyzing what you need to build and what you can postpone for future dates. For example, if your budget is limited, then in all likelihood, you may not go for modular kitchens, lavish bath fittings, etc.

Here we present the quick ‘to do’ list for you to arrive at a guesstimate of cost that you may incur during the construction of your dream house. This will help you in planning your construction stages as well as cost part of it.

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List of Housing Finance Institutions of India

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Owning a House is a dream for every household in the country. The new government has also set an ambitious target of ‘Housing for all’ by 2022, a challenging yet achievable task. To fulfill this objective, providing housing finance at affordable rates is paramount. Therefore housing finance companies will play an extremely important role in this noble endeavor.

Who are the major players in this area currently? Can the list be expanded given the enormity of task? Things will unfold as we move along.

There are 2 kinds of housing finance companies, one, which accepts public deposits, and the second kind do not accept public deposits. Housing finance companies are regulated and supervised by National Housing Bank. Housing finance companies offer loans for purchase of commercial and residential properties. Find below the detailed list of Housing finance companies in India:

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Social Media-The Most Effective Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents

Real estate is a business which depends greatly on personal contacts. But in order to succeed in the industry as a real estate agent, one needs to have a good presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Stumble Upon. Here are some points which you need to follow to find out why social sites are important for real estate agents:-

  • Realtor with a good presence on social media make a great number of connections 

As a real estate agent, you need to post the listings of your services on social media. If you are new to this profession, post about your services in the neighborhood, explain about the plus points of your services and how people can avail it. What are your prices? How do you charge your clients? What are the new offers that you intend to launch in coming weeks or months? Be as transparent as possible.

  • Promote social events which take place in your locality

Post social events that are taking place in the immediate neighborhood on social networking sites. This will make people living in other areas familiar about your upcoming seminars, info sessions, and networking opportunities.

  • Pictures and videos speak a hundred words

You can also share pictures and videos which tell stories. This is because most people, who use social networking sites prefer to go through stories that involve photo, video and audio content instead of text alone. There is no need to spend a huge sum on that either. Use your Smartphone in order to take pictures and short videos of clients and all the exciting things happening in your target areas. You can easily upload it to any other social networking site. At the same time, try to make sure that the posts, which you share on Facebook or Twitter, are not too generic or too promotional.

In case, you find something interesting about the realty sector in India such as useful data, price trends, government notifications, etc., then don’t hesitate to share it on these sites. It will help in building your brand within your locality. Your priority should be on creating posts which show your company’s verticals in an interesting manner. Keep a track of the people who are following your online social pages and find out how they are engaging with your page.

  • Pay special attention to increasing number of likes on social media pages

One of the key factors behind the success of your company’s website on social media is by delighting your clients on a regular basis. Create contests and encourage your clients to join a conversation for a chance to win gift cards. Delighted clients will share their experience with people who are close to them.

  • Judicious use of Facebook

Compared to other social networking sites, Facebook is one of the most suitable places for promoting Real estate services. Make sure that most of the content is dedicated to property news, trends, and anything that is of immense importance to your clients.  While the remaining content or posts can be about the services you are offering to them.

Guest Post by: Sheela Joby is a freelance writer with an experience of 10 yrs. Apart from writing, she is into photography, traveling, music etc.